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    1. Pinjaman Kasino Online

      Pinjaman Kasino Online but that didn’t work.

      As you may have deduced by the name and image incorporated in to this opening page, I am indeed a mod, a proud mod that has lived through the seventies, survived the eighties, forgot the nineties, did the noughties with distinguished grace in my thirties and now in the god-knows-what, can we call it the twenties again? I’m now a digitally aware mod.

      So, this page is just my usual ramblings to engage with my audience, I’m to keep your attention so that you don’t click away too soon. I’m supposed to be humorous a relatable so that you keep coming back to my blog to read my thoughts on mod life and what I have an interest in. Basically, if you are not a mod, you may find this whole thing rather tedious and a complete waste of time. I’m giving you permission to bail out now before you get sucked into a world of fringed haircuts, slim fitted suites, mopeds and music that is primarily jazz, rock, R&B and soul-infused. If you’re after tips on how to put on make-up or discover anything relating to ‘wokeness’ then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

      Nope, this just about all the things I love and perhaps for the few, that happen to stumble across this, considering there are over 3 billion pages on the Internet, you might be able to take away something I blurt out and think “this old man might be onto something.”

      So, what am I going to be adding to my blog in the future, well, firstly, I have a f-king clue if I’m even doing this right, an introduction seemed the sensible thing to do. So, you’ll be glad you won’t have to read more about this non-sensical matter.

      I will be looking at the things I know, mod culture, fashion (I’m a tailor), music, sport, my hobbies, perhaps a brief word on current events that affect the many and perhaps my mod-like thinking can come up with an answer to all the world’s problems.

      I’m not entirely sure how to wrap this introduction up, all too aware that you may have left after the first sentence. I should have begun with some eye-catching statement that would have required a considered reveal behind it’s meaning towards the end of this page, which you are at now, thusly, keeping you anxiously waiting for an understanding of what it all meant. Perhaps I’ll add it in now, so that, at least this part of the blog makes sense. Clever writing skills there, even if I do say so myself.